The Rhythm and Sounds of Montana De Oro

If you live in California and you’ve never visited this stretch of San Luis Obispo coastline, I beg you to schedule a trip.
Montana de Oro is like seeing our state with virgin eyes; it is easy to imagine the first people living there before European settlers made their way westward, and each time I’m overwhelmed by the splendor of California’s gold [said in a Huell voice].

AHBE Lab / Friday Five for September 4, 2015

The numbers remaining look big, but human activities have led to the loss of nearly half the world’s trees (45.8%) in short time.

In Search of a Beautiful City

Los Angeles isn’t beautiful in any traditional sense. It’s missing many of the characteristics outlined by Alain de Botton’s treatise, “How to Make an Attractive City”. But the city is inching forward, rethinking how to add back beauty through both architecture and native nature.

Sunset Boulevard: A Storyteller’s Street

The most famous street in all of Los Angeles is rich with history, both real and imagined.

Paying Back Mother Nature

Trees – like friends, pets, and family – are only truly appreciated in their absence. One of the AHBE Landscape Architects reminisces about a tree which provided energy-saving shade her home for years…