I admire this perspective, where the cracks drawn across city sidewalks from a localized perspective become analogous to opportunities to reimagine the derelict sections of Los Angeles that fall between the cracks from a citywide view.


Photo: Heejae Lee Photo: Heejae Lee

When I was young I would often travel along the familiar city sidewalks with my head down more often than up. “A bad habit”, as described by the oncoming pedestrians I’d occasionally bump into. But something about the cracks fissured along the weathered concrete and the occasional weeds that would pop out of these pockets captivated my attention. These sights were small treats along my travels.

Photo: Urban Green House/ Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design Photo: Urban Green House/ Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design

Although I do not bump into pedestrians as often now, I still catch myself looking at these relationships between the micro landscapes and the cracks within the city’s infrastructure while walking. I am not only fixated on the resilience of the landscape growing between the cracks, but also the ephemeral opportunities these cracks provide.

Photo: Heejae Lee Photo: Heejae Lee

As for myself, I observe the perpetual evolution of the city, the urban…

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