Sustainable habits and lifestyles require a realistic assessment of changes one can adopt. Many of us dream of eating healthier, growing our own foods, but starting off with leisure and pleasure as the foundation can help establish longer lasting habits.


Graphic: University of Minnesota, Duluth/Sustainable Food Systems Graphic: University of Minnesota, Duluth/Sustainable Food Systems

It must be the season, but lately I’ve been drawn to fruits and vegetables, alongside topics surrounding sustainable food systems and eating healthy. Although I like the idea of growing my own food in my garden, my success has been limited to herbs, which is okay with me since herb gardening fits my schedule. Growing something is better than doing nothing at all. With water, energy, and waste reduction prevalent in discussions everywhere, I am transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle by making changes in the way I have been doing things. I admit, however, that growing a crop in my garden is not one of the changes I see in my future.

Photo by LDaley_farmers market_lettuce w carrots
Photo by LDaley_farmers market red onions croppedPhoto by LDaley_farmers market tomatoes
Farmer's Market photos: Linda Daley Farmer’s Market photos: Linda Daley

Food is a leisure activity for me. On Sundays, I like going to the farmer’s market and taking part in my community’s weekly…

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