The overlapping beautiful songs of birds in Malibu over the constant drone of traffic makes for an interesting musical composition between nature and humans.


Photo: Linda Daley Photo: Linda Daley

I appreciate seeing the world from the slower pace of a leisurely walk. These walks are marked with random stops, to enjoy the proverbial smell of the roses, alongside other sensory experiences. On a recent stroll through Legacy Park in Malibu, I stopped often to watch – and listen – to the diverse species of wildlife residing in this man-made habitat. The birds, in particular, put on quite a show as captured in the audio clip below:

I closed my eyes to listen to the birds more attentively and could distinguish their individual calls. What were they communicating to each other? At moments, their songs reached a crescendo over the white noise of nearby Pacific Coast Highway and faded back as a plane flew low over the park. I was surprised by the sounds I captured, listening repeatedly to nature and the city in harmony.

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