Photo: National Park Service via LA's Loneliest Lion. Photo: National Park Service via LA’s Loneliest Lion.

P22, aka The Griffith Park Mountain Lion, is Los Angeles’ most famous monitored predator. He made the news recently when he wandered out of the hills of Griffith Park and into the basement of someone’s home. Thankfully, P22 came out of the basement on its own and returned to the hills, but the story reminds us that urban carnivores are present right in our backyard.

A few days after P22 became front page news, I attended a lecture about how a growing population of coyotes live among millions of people in Chicago. Professor Stan Gehrt of Ohio State University presented some of the findings from a study of Chicago’s coyote population which he and a team of researchers began in 2000. Gehrt refers to coyotes as “ghost dogs.”

“Coyotes were not part of the urban fauna of Chicago…their success in…

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