I think these are amongst my favourite photos I’ve ever taken. They’re all from last year from about this time. I had 2 hours to myself inbetween nights during a whirlwind visit to Chicago to attend the The International Home + Housewares Show on the dime of a major vacuum manufacturer, a behemoth trade show where all those common cleaning, cooking, organizing and miscellaneous “As Seen On TV” coagulates into one gigantic ejaculation of consumer wares.

Amusingly enough, during my stay I found myself the sole male design blog representative thrown in amongst a gaggle of mommy bloggers (they’re a force to be reckoned with, no lie), not completely a surprise considering the event. But with just two nights in Chicago, my first visit ever, I decided to forgot the invite for early cocktails and a fancy dinner at the expense of my gracious host, instead settling for 2 lone hours inside the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, and later some quality time with a box of one of Chi-town’s finest, a deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s. It ended up being the right decision, the early evening attendance sparse, allowing for quiet moments to reflect about art versus product and even watch a procession of birds along Lake Michigan gently spanning the icy early spring sky, returning to wherever they nest for the evening. It was certainly my kind of town.