Back in 2008, under the beguiling allure of cured swine and with a little too much time on my hands while Emily was away, I found myself tip-toeing along the outskirts of sanity, delving into the culinary equivalent of Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” (it’s advisable never to eat a dish whose calorie count that shares the numerical equivalent of your 4 digit birth year). The Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs in Maple Bar Donut Buns was a fabulous one time folly of “fuck you, common sense and calories” and was even showcased over at Bacon Today, a blog dedicated to the “Daily News on the World of Sweet, Sweet Bacon”. By the way, I ate both, one immediately after the other (yet, I find myself amongst the living)…”The horror! The horror!”

Lo and behold, looks like someone decided to up the ante, improving both upon my recipe and photo. Discovered Paula’s ebullient form topping my creation this evening while perusing through my Tumblr feed over at the Paula Deen Riding Things Tumblr. Amusingly enough, I recognized our Sawtelle Ave. 99 cents store dinner plates even before noticing the hot dogs (similar to the way I notice furnishings and decorative items first while glancing through vintage girlie mags).

I feel like my life is now complete. Thank you, Internets.