A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in an online project hosted by Kartell Los Angeles, thanks to the kind referral by that lover of gelato, Alissa Walker. The Ghost Project was conceived as a way for Los Angeles based writers and bloggers to share their thoughts about the design and comfort of a modern design classic. Philippe Starck’s design is now nearing a decade since it appeared on the design radar, the Louis XV armchair inspired design haunting plenty of our dreams as a desired occasional chair or dining chair option. Of course I wanted to participate!

Although I only got to live with the chair for a short while (less than a week, before it was shipped off to the next invited Ghost Project participant), the chair reminded me how good design is often the most visually and physically flexible. The chair lived well in almost every room, silently slipping in visually and decoratively, thanks to it’s near invisible nature, and only limited by the confines of our small space. Like some of my fellow esteemed participants noted, the beauty of the chair and it’s fleeting presence can be summed up by our shared opinion: “Damn, wish we got to keep it!”

*Apologies for the poor audio sound, a fault of my own due to a poor choice in audio recording software that spiked my commentary.