The problem with being modestly adept with Photoshop is I can spend countless hours on end clipping out photographs and compositing what certain art, furniture or decorative elements might look like inside our apartment. Very useful for my work with Apartment Therapy or Unplggd, but a little dangerous from a personal perspective, because I have a tendency to think on the “wishful thinking” end of the spectrum.

Today I’ve fallen in love with these custom size wall decor from Minakani Walls, specifically the Carpathes illustration, an Edward Gorey meets Jules Verne The Mysterious Island rendering. The brilliant illustration seems a Westernized descendant of shanshui Tang Dynasty watercolor art. Do you spy the tiny air balloon and volcano? After 15 minutes of clipping path drudgery in Photoshop, I was able to mock what it might look like in our living room.

To quote the Beach Boys, “wouldn’t it be nice?”. I think so.