It’s probably obvious that besides design+decor, my other love is the observation of the natural world. I’ve always wanted to put together a room exhibiting an interpretation of a cabinet of curiosities aesthetic, but through the prism of simplicity exhibited in the best of modern Japanese and Scandinavian interiors, with various creatures and “specimens” gathered/discovered during our travels along our favourite trails. But considering Emily is a life-long vegetarian who was raised with Buddhist ideals and a respect for all things living, she’s not so fond of being surrounded by the dead. I personally feel there’s beauty in even those things we sometimes revile, believing death is just as much as a part of life, if not a reminder of its importance. Still, I don’t ever want to make Emily uncomfortable, so I’ve been thinking of alternatives inspired by the same ideas, but without the need to bring in carapaces or skeletons. Papercraft models might be a wonderful compromise, as exhibited by this fine collection created by kiri-origami artist, Taketori. Now to find some models I’d be capable of putting together.