Interiors speak! Rooms emphasize whether one exists or lives, and there is a great difference between the two!Van Day Treux

While we’ve been painting throughout the apartment these last few days, we’ve had to remove several of the bulbs during the process. It’s been during this painting period I realized I think we have nearly every type of modern day lighting option in our place, from old timey Edison style bulbs to the latest LED super-efficient bulbs. I personally love low watt antique style lighting, but we primarily use them for accents, so CFLs fill in where we need more light. And I’ve recently added two new lamps, one a Jean Prouvé style swing lamp and a more contemporary table lamp from Blu Dot I purchased with some birthday money gifted by my sister (thanks, Sarah!). The addition of these two accent lights have made our apartment so much more inviting, warm and cozy for everyday living. And that’s the importance and magic of good lighting.

My obsession with lighting and bulbs started at quite a young age; I can remember even during my Little League days making the rounds around my parent’s house to inspect whether any bulbs need replacing. It was strangely important to me whether a corner of the room had enough illumination and carefully considering the correct quantity of lumens for the space. My parents would often open my room to discover I had changed the placement of lamps (or the layout of the room altogether), all as experiments for better lighting. Till this day my mom remembers I was fond of changing out the light bulbs. It should have been apparent at a young age I was not meant to be an artist like my father, but a designer of some sort…or an electrician.

The funny thing is besides my sister and parents I don’t think any of my friends, even those closest to me, really knew about my obsession and interest in decor. I was a 10 year old, slant eyed Van Day Truex, stuck out in the suburbs, more known more for being a capable illustrator and great signature forger of report cards than for my hidden obsession with making a room “right”. But damn if what I really wanted and needed was more accent lighting!