Four months later after I first ordered and received the woodland themed supergraphic mural, Emily and I finally got to painting the whole bedroom and then applying the 8 panel, whole wall supergraphic mural. The bedroom looks so much better now, with a fresh coat of Mythic white paint to cover over the slightly off-white, blemished walls we once lived with; it’s now a super pure white called Grace’s Smile. Filled in all the gaps where the walls meet the floor and ceiling (and where spiders were probably appearing from), cleaned the overhead ceiling fan, installed some cable/cord management…the bedroom is finally gaining a bit of personality.

We’ve got two more moderate sized DIY projects I’ve cooked up to finish before calling it 100% finished, but so happy we finally finished the most difficult part of the redecorating project. The goal is to be done before the 1st week of 2011, just in time for a New Year’s party!