In the last post there were a few photos of our living room space I was actually hesitant to share, knowing something major was going to be changed out just a few days after the birthday/housewarming party. I had placed an order for one of Valero Doval’s Zeppelin Series prints with hopes an expedient delivery would result in a more dramatic, complete appearance to our living room decor. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and I used a smaller placeholder piece to tide the wall over until the airship image arrived.

After a bit of tiring trial and error this afternoon during my lunch break (my lunches are often dedicated to the challenge of finding a new home project to challenge myself and that undoubtedly results in profuse sweating and swearing, all in one hour per day increments), I was able to get this large framed piece up inbetween the center support rails of our wall unit. It was one of those frustrating challenges where attempting to install the frame by myself was just hard enough to be a pain in the posterior, but seemingly simple enough to keep tempting me to give “just one more try”. People like to joke as you get near your 40’s “getting it up” can be a notable problem. I had no idea it might be reference to hanging art.

Now to hunt down a proper dirigible model! In the meantime, enjoy more of Valero Doval’s latest works from his Enigmatic Cities and Dream Machine series.