It’s been a long while since I went out on assignment to photograph a house tour. Here are a few outtakes from the upcoming Silver Lake tour. Brimming with art, the two bedroom apartment operates as an office and studio for an art print distributor…so much eye candy in every nook and cranny, I sometimes felt like I didn’t have a wide enough lens to take it all in.

Left that afternoon inspired to get back to working on our own apartment and start looking out for more art to line our bare walls. I love doing house tours for the fact it reminds me how much our own homes are a reflection of ourselves, our inspirations and the visual cues revealing our histories through “things” and display. It’s was just as much the personal items and family heirlooms as the wide variety of notable art pieces interdispersed through the apartment that charmed me to look into every corner.

Our homes are our histories and we’re always rewriting them.