Meandering online on this lazy, gray Sunday morning eventually led me to Vidulgi OoyoO. Pronounced “pee-doogi ooo-you” (pigeon milk), the Korean quartet do an impressive job of recreating the sonic imprint of a late 90’s English shoegaze band that would undoubtedly appear on a Gregg Araki soundtrack if they had been around during those heydays of hazy reverb gloom. They’ve made a recent Stateside impression working and touring with Windy City shoegaze outfit, Bliss.City.East, for a 9 song EP worth checking out, alongside their debut, Aero. It was inevitable I’d like the band, especially after reading one of their songs was inspired by a solar eclipse broadcast on the National Geographic channel.

Debut album Aero – iTunes
Vidulgi Ooyoo & Bliss.City.East EP – YesAsia

Seeing Me Through Your Eyes
Goodnight Shining