A carousel of vintage stamps salvaged from a delivery office from the Port of Los Angeles, with an assortment of mundane businesses addressed with destinations in Richmond, San Bruno and Salinas. Found at a small shop on Abbot Kinney with a proprietor with a great eye for items that fall under the miscellany category, alongside reasonable prices.

A ceramic snail made by “Anthony” for Freeman-McFarlin Pottery (amusing how artists of the era loved singular name signatures, predating Prince and his ilks by decades). Started in the 1940’s in El Monte, the Southern California was primarily known for their slip-cast earthenware sculptures of animals and the shell is especially beautiful in detail; love the contrast between the glazed green and the dark grey etched spiral shell. The 11″ length snail makes for a great bookend, inspiring the idea of a possible gastropod collection (there’s apparently a smaller companion piece ).

Small wooden case of watchmaker vials with the tiniest cogs and wheels inside. Considering reusing this to keep minuscule size flora and fauna specimens from our hikes. I’d have to display behind glass or on an inaccessible shelf, out of fear Eero would destroy it due to her insatiable feline curiosity.