Still plenty more to do, but I’m pleased with the results after painting the closet with a flat black (Mythic) and applying a roll of dimensional wallpaper from Graham & Brown’s Shape and Form line. One bit of advice I’d like to offer after my first attempt at applying wallpaper: watch the weather forecast! When we applied the wallpaper, the temps were in the low 70’s, but the next day summer arrived with a vengeance, nearing 100 degrees, and the wallpaper began buckling in some areas from the extreme temperature fluctuation. Fortunately, Graham & Brown’s wallpaper is easy to reapply, and I went back with a paint brush instead of a roller to add an extra amount of wallpaper glue and was able to salvage the work that went into putting the paper on.

What’s next? Mostly decorative elements to complete the vision I started off with. The small space was inspired by an amalgam of cinematic memories: 1) the Ode to Joy scene in Immortal Beloved, the masculine modern details of Colin Firth’s home in A Single Man, and a little bit of A Clockwork Orange (I was hoping to interconnect the Beethoven reference with a Kozik bust of ole Ludwig Van, but they’re hard as hell to come by at a reasonable price). I’m also looking for the right piece of artwork to adorn the wall on the right, while on the left, I’ve installed ELFA shelving for the printer and possibly some plants near the small window inside the closet (these 1930’s apartments offer windows in the closet so you could air out your clothing). Finally, I think the task chair I currently am using is a poor visual fit (though still comfortable) so I might either sell/switch it out or attempt an DIY reupholstery job, if I can brave such a challenge. But all the hard work is finished, so I can now relax a little bit…at least until I move onto the bedroom project!