After a hectic Friday and Saturday running around at Dwell on Design and spending time with the always fun-raucous Apartment Therapy LA crew (Maxwell swung by on his whirlwind tour around the country to sign his latest Apartment Therapy book at Heath Ceramics; he was also so kind to treat us to our first dinner at Mozza Osteria, where I enjoyed a plate of calf brain ravioli and fried trotters croquettes), we found ourselves skipping the architectural tour on Sunday. I had the itch to take us away from all the hubbub and enjoy some quiet time amongst the golden chaparral, spring-fed creek and early California era citrus groves in the northern end of the San Fernando Valley, in O’Melveny Park (which is only 2nd to Griffith Park in size), where I grew up exploring creek beds, hiked up canyons and often gathered citrus from the surrounding groves.

That Sunday afternoon Emily and I explored a near deserted park (quiet except for a lively group of Korean church hikers), in wonder of what at first appeared to be a constant deluge of falling and fluttering leaves, but soon revealed itself to be an aerial parade of butterflies enjoying the warm summer afternoon. We gathered pink peppercorns, napped under a tree and found ourselves again in nature. It was as perfect of a day as one can spend, surrounded by majestic oaks, cheerful sunflowers (Emily noted parts of the trail reminded her of parts of the French countryside), and with every turn of the trail revealing something more to investigate.