Emily said we needed more shelving and she also needed a desk. Problem solved, thanks to one heckuva great find on Craigslist this week. It’s hard to find these vintage wall units for anything under a grand (usually priced between $1800-$3200), and this big walnut unit offers both storage and a writing surface for a very reasonable price. It’s not in perfect condition, but my friend David at Midcentury LA (whom by the way, are having a huge parking lot sale this weekend) has been kind enough to offer to refinish it for us if we want so I know it’s going to look great up on our living room wall. But the tradeoff is I’ll likely put the Bang & Olufsen stereo system and cabinet in storage since we don’t have space for both (I considered selling it for a moment, then realized I was thinking crazy shit, slapped myself some common sense and decided mom’s house is where it will reside).

On a related note, the seller lives in nearby Highland Park in an extremely interesting loft space (and is a regular Apartment Therapy reader), filled with a treasure trove of vintage finds, complete with a small stage where her and her bandmates perform. I left her my card, as she seemed very interested in participating in a house tour later on. I suspect her space would make for one of the most memorable-fun tours, so I hope she does contact me one day. The tour would become my second cool house tour born out of a Craigslist purchase…you just never know.