Welcome June (but hopefully none too much gloom)! We bid farewell to May this holiday weekend climbing and balancing like exploratory ballerinas at Shaw’s Cove tide pools, then two days later steadily trekked across the chaparral trails of Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks (where we heard what we believe was a lurking mountain lion’s guttural growl during our hike back!). It was a much welcome return to physical activity after what seems like ages of being held captive by our move to the new apartment, a fun and productive (but ill-timed) trip to NYC, and just a series of responsibilities that led us astray from our usual forays into the natural world. Some personalities need nightlife and parties…Emily and I need the rustle of trees, the churned foam of the tide and a winding trail to anywhere where the wild things are.

Ironically during my house arrest I have been preoccupied with all things related to decorating and furnishing our new apartment. Ever since transitioning from Apartment Therapy Los Angeles to Unplggd fully, I’ve had the pleasure to look at design sites (including AT) not as a managing editor, but as someone himself looking for inspiration and answers for a new space. That means countless hours of perusing images and making mental bookmarks for what we’d like to create in this new apartment overlooking the Silver Lake Reservoir. We’re diverging from the youthful pop playfulness of the toybox decor of our previous Lucile address and culling the sweetness with a more subtle personality. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of surprises…but it might be months before we share what we’re up to. We’re still figuring it all out as we note the light, space and our own activity moving through this beloved new home. We’re also trying to figure where the hell we’re supposed to store all these books we somehow crammed into a perfectly optimized Jenga-style studio apartment.

In the meantime here are several designs and inspirations that float the proverbial boat and flutter the sails…

[Top Image: Living Etc]