One of my dreams is to one day piece together a cabinet of curiosities, a room full of collected natural specimens, terrariums/aquariums/vivariums, relics of dubious historical significance, and other artifacts with the distinction of nothing more than exhibiting an allure of wonder. The twist being this imagined space would not be Victorian in style, but modernist/mod. Imagine the mod aesthetics of the sci-fi bio-domes from Silent Running juxtaposed with the nonsensical wonder of The Museum of Jurassic Technology, and you’d be somewhere in the neighborhood where my daydreams often wander when imagining this space age Victorian’s collection laboratory.

If I was to imagine a perfect piece to begin with inside this imaginary modern antiquarian’s room, it would be the Geo Table designed by Isotrope Design. I’d want to make the small, but notable conversion from decorative item into the world’s most beautiful ant farm:

Inspired by the mountains and valleys of Southern California, The Geo Table tricks the eye into seeing an expanse of depth and dimension through carefully engineered and elegantly layered cuts of wood. A housing of etched acrylic offers the sense of air and water currents.

-via Carrie Leber