Choices, choices…so many styles to consider at Midcentury LA’s warehouse, but I fortunately had one specific design from Erik Buck in mind.

Our move to the new apartment happens in approximately one week (May Day!), and the biggest change in our lives besides moving from the hustle and bustle of Sunset Junction to the more halcyon hills of Ivanhoe Reservoir, will be the addition of a dining room to call our very own. It’s but a single room, but it will be our first formal dining room together (our previous apartment prior to our current address had a wide open floor plan, sans dining room), and the anticipation of hosting dinner parties and potlucks in a distinct space is amongst our most eagerly anticipated.

It’s been awhile since I’ve last set out to shop for home furnishing for ourselves; I survey and write about design, decor inspirations and products all day, but the majority of the time it’s with the intent of solving another other’s’ problems or answering an submitted inquiry, not for our own lives. But this new apartment will be much more spacious, so the hamster wheels are spinning wildly, with aspirations of shaping and decorating this new home with a wholly different design personality than our last…a most exciting challenge after 5+ years living in a space maxed out to its most efficient layout.

This is nearly identical to the set I just inspected today, except they’re currently upholstered with a fabric design last seen on the gran’s pant suit combo; it’s being replaced in white leather.

My first goal has been to tackle the dining room, specifically finding a dining set with the flexibility to serve us as a couple, while also being able to accommodate for friends. I set my eyes upon hunting down a set of these Danish Erik Buck teak dining chairs shown above. Manufactured in the early 60’s by Christiansen Møbelfabrik, this specific dual sculpted backrest design isn’t as easy to come by as some of Buck’s other designs, but thanks to the friendly-helpful folks at Midcentury LA in NoHo (photos from our visit today to their warehouse below), I’ve found myself investing in 6 of these beautiful teak chairs to call our own. They’ll be paired with a handsome hidden leaf rectangular dining table that can accommodate for up to 10 guests when expanded. It’s all very exciting, if not expensive (we’re getting a fantastic price, but even a fantastic price is enough to warrant an “oh my!”). But if one subscribes to the notion of buying only what one loves, there’s no guilt in spending money for furnishing sure to bring great joy in sight and also use for years to come.

They’ll be ready in a week after the process of refinishing and being reupholstered with white leather, just in time for our move-in date! Hopefully some of you will enjoy them in person soon enough, comfortable and enjoying a home cooked meal by Emily and I.

Our next goal is to furnish our living room with these Ward Cleaver era, politically incorrect gender-assigned his and hers armchairs. I hope to be able to be able to save up for the pair in a few months’ time, if not for another similar set. Sigh, this is going to be a long and expensive road to walk down…but a fun one nonetheless.