I’ve been doing plenty of research lately trying to find the right bike at the right price, with the hopes of further reducing any time behind the wheel of the VW (right now, I fill up on average once a month, thanks to the TDI engine). I’m not looking to join the fixie crowd, nor return back to my past BMX/mountain biking days, so my sights have been set on an upright, European style hauler designed for leisurely errand runs and recreational pedaling. My first choice was a more sporty, fashionable belt-driven Trek District, but then I realized I didn’t want to spend over $1000 right now. The District is certainly a sharp looking ride, but when honestly assessing my probable riding habits, something more modest in price and features was a prudent choice (I can always upgrade later if the pedal pushing bug bites fully).

The leading candidate is a handsome green and brown 2-wheel affair from Specialized’s sub-brand, the Globe Haul 1 (shown above). I’m fond of the price and the positive reviews it has received as a grocery hauler and reliable rolling steed. It also certainly doesn’t hurt the bike is easy on the eyes, as I love the real wood deck and integrated lighting system gracing this dandy. It may take a little getting used to, riding so upright, after years of pedaling hunched over on a Gary Fischer or GT, but I think I’ll be calling around very soon to see if I can find a local shop which stocks the Haul so I can get hauling this spring.