After a bit of thought, I’ve decided, though our new apartment has more room than our current abode, now is a great time to sell, donate or simply throw out a great deal of material possessions that I don’t feel strongly about keeping. We’ve been thinning out the closets, going through our desks, drawers and cabinets and creating piles according to what we want to do with them. It’s a wonderfully liberating feeling and an opportune moment to begin anew unencumbered before moving.

For years I collected blind box capsule toys, collectibles figures and miscellaneous figurines. I stopped a few years back after hitting the wall in regards to both room to display more and general interest, but I’ve always have enjoyed their presence in our current apartment. But with the new space, I’d like to start anew with our decor scheme, and that means a departure from the vintage toybox decor that befits our current abode, so I’ve decided to hopefully find a new home for my collection as a whole. If you’re interested in purchasing the whole collection (sorry, it’s all or nothing; please do not ask about purchasing just one or a few), I’m selling them all for $300. Email me at typefiend at gmail dot com if you’d like to adopt the whole kit and kaboodle.