The photography of Sebastien Rien stretches the imagination. The images evoke memories of early video artists’ experimentation with digital manipulation of images in motion.

The Soft Moon remind me why I occasionally venture back to MySpace, if only just to stream Luis Vasquez’s dark-synth audio landscapes. The soundtrack of General Zod imprisoned, racing across the universe, pissed and ready to lay waste to your heart.

The Nexus VII Windbreaker Parka. The details on this piece are sick. It might also make you look like a Gingham pear, but a stylish one at that.

Neverend: A Kitsune Noir + Dan Funderburgh collaboration laser etched timepiece. The textural impression of these clocks invites your fingers to follow the etched lines. I half expect a polygonal cuckoo to make an appearance upon the hour.

Atelier 37.2 Cubes. Umm…I’ll take two, please.