Souther's Studio

I find it ironic that while visiting Souther and Monica’s apartment to help them edit and organize their space, I secretely just wanted miniaturize myself to live inside the various collections of “stuff” they’ve collected and thoughtfully displayed throughout their space. So much colour, texture and form; they just require a bit of editing so their furnishings and items have more breathing room, and then they’ll be able to live within the space more comfortably on a day to day basis (always a task for the collecting personality).

I assigned them a first step task this past week: rid nine things each from the home, categorized as small, medium and large. They both found this reasonable and a possible first step…and it’s that first step that is truly the hardest. I’ll check back on them in a week and see if they’ve done their assignment.

But remove nothing out of that studio! It’s a space filled with miniature worlds of stories yet to be told that deserves whatever space it can occupy. I only recommended he get a curtain to open and close like a stage.