That there madness is a kachapouri, a Georgian invention made of dough, feta, butter, and a fried egg ontop. About the size of a small seafaring vessel, I ordered a couple of these for lunch for Emily and I, enjoying every gluttonous bite…until a few minutes afterward when my stomach began gurgling a clear and present danger, reminding me I suffer from a genetic predisposition commonly known as “the winds” (aka lactose intolerance). It actually got much worse than that, but I’ll spare you the details of my short stint as a bathroom Jackson Pollock wanna-be.

Other fine foods I’ve enjoyed in the last week or so: a hearty bowl of tonkotsu ramen with a side of Kurobuta pork and scallion fried rice, a decadent plate of masala cheese fries, a ridiculously delicious pulled pork sandwich, herbed Jidori chicken, tangy sweet shrimp naanwich, a fat piece of naturally dry aged pan fried steak followed up by a fennel pork sausage moments later, and just a little bit…wee amount…of saffron ice cream, half of a pistachio & cardamom cookie and another half of a rosewater & black sesame seed cookie, a tiny loaf of chocolate bundt cake and something that sounds partially healthy and partially like something offered at an orgy, the Love Bar.

I’d likely be experiencing some massive weight gain, but thanks to this 1/2 marathon training I’ve maintained an equilibrium between fitness and fat. That being said, I should ease up and enjoy more smoothies, juicer juices and salads, and lay off the meat (except I still have one McCall’s spicy sausage) until our Valentine’s Day run. Because if my mind serves me correct, there’s plenty of good BBQ near Austin.