We met Timothy and Laura at the Blog Out Loud event months ago, an opportunity of fortune, as these two immediately revealed themselves to be two of the nicest and friendliest folks we’ve had the pleasure to meet in recent memory. They recently extended an invitation to detour over toward Laura’s mom’s ranch on our trip back from Las Vegas; a sprawling desert horse riding ranch tucked in a valley near the border of California and Nevada, Sandy Valley Ranch is the antithesis of Las Vegas. It was an absolute perfect decompression after the artificiality of Sin City, where the limits of our patience with humanity (or the gross semblance of it) were stretched rice paper thin.

There, Emily and I were given the opportunity to ride some beautiful horses, pretend to aid in rounding up some impressively horned cattle (I say pretend, because both Emily and I admit we weren’t so much riding the horses as they were allowing us to pretend to do so), and just get away from the hubbub of Las Vegas where we had escaped to after the crazed energy of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Emily also learned how to play pool for the first time, so the short stay was filled with firsts!

It was just an overnight stay, but it shall remain one of my fondest memories of the new year, thanks to the dynamic duo hosts, the wonderful animals on the ranch, and the arid beauty of the desert landscape. Thank you, Timothy and Laura for letting us share in some of the magic at Sandy Valley Ranch!