A very, very warm thank you to Ali for sending me this missing piece to my collection of vinyl toys shown above. She was cleaning house, and despite the fact we’ve never met in person, she was kind enough to consider Emily and I as worthy candidates for adoption of her Ron Rege Jr. designed Agitator figure, joining the Twins we already have. She sent the magical wizard carefully packed with an especially kind, holiday spirit filled card. The kindness of strangers is a wondrous blessing. Thank you, Ali!

Equally, if not as special today, my good friend Jisang came over for lunch today with a plastic bag. Not just any bag, though. What I thought might be a book was instead a very special gift for Emily: a barely used 13″ MacBook. He gifted Emily a new machine at an opportune time, as her plastic white machine is dying, and now she has a practically new 2ghz Unibody Intel Core 2 Duo machine to call home. It was a shocking surprise to say the least, and one that might have topped my memory of best holiday surprise of all time. Thanks, Yooky…I think Emily hates you less now.