The Thing Quarterly has been publishing for awhile now (many may recognize The Thing from their premier issue, which kicked things off with a creation by Miranda July, a vinyl pull-down window shade with some words from Miranda silkscreened onto both sides). Just in case you didn’t know about them already, they’re basically offering a curated object-based subscription periodical; 4 times a year, for a subscription of $200, you’re sent a limited run object designed by a figure of note in the realm of art, movies, music, the written word or fashion. Sort of an indie version of Visionaire (which I would subscribe to in an instant if I could afford the $700 annual subscription price) with some quirky, if not notable items.

This month is author Jonathan Lethem’s “Chaldron Optical System” Issue, a collabo between designer Matt Singer and Selima Salaun of Selima Optique, which is basically eyeglasses with some verbiage written by Lethem, complete with a swank case. They look pretty similar to the Paul Frank eyeglasses I wear now, but damn if I’m not tempted to purchase these and convert them into sunglasses. Good specs that fit my face shape and size are hard to come by!