That’s it, I’m getting Emily some knee high boots, a short fur coat and ordering myself a silencer. Gregory Peck seems to be doing his best Dean Martin impersonation in the illustration, doesn’t he? But the question I’m left asking is, why haven’t I seen this movie, with it’s Hitchcockian storyline, Sophia Loren looking awfully becoming and a Henry Mancini scored soundtrack? Ah, perhaps because Arabesque hasn’t been available on DVD until very recently and is still a task to find.

Professor David Pollock (Gregory Peck) is an expert in ancient Arabic hieroglyphics. A Middle Eastern Prime Minister convinces Pollock to infiltrate the organization of a man named Beshraavi (Alan Badel), who is involved in a plot against the Prime Minister. The nature of the plot is believed to be found in a hieroglyphic code. Beshraavi’s mistress, Yasmin Azir (Sophia Loren) is a mystery – intertwined in the plot. Pollock needs her help, but when she repeatedly seems to double cross him in one escapade after another. He can’t decide on whose side she is working. Ultimately working together, Pollock and Yasmin decipher the plot and set out to stop an assassination of the Prime Minister.

Heaven have mercy, if those aren’t “F.M. boots”, I don’t know what are.