The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge
December 2 Article
What’s an article that you read that blew you away? That you shared with all your friends.

My NY Times appearance

Only in America can one find himself being profiled for living without a luxury so unnecessary as the cell phone. And that is exactly the entertaining situation I found myself in after being interviewed by New York Times reporter, Claire Cain, for a Tech/Business piece describing the small and often misunderstood demographic of non-poor citizens who willingly choose to live sans cell phone. By either luck or by my otherwise tech laden lifestyle profile, I found myself the cover boy of the piece titled, The Cell Refuseniks, an Ever-Shrinking Club. Follow-up blog posts about the piece over at the likes of Gawker resulted in amusing and memorable tag lines such as, “Oh to be Gregory Han!”, which quickly became an inside joke amongst my team of writers at Apartment Therapy Los Angeles. My 15 minutes was a memorable one.

And yes, I still don’t own a cell phone.